Registration and Access Policy

We are part of The Anti Money Laundering Network. As such, we are under constant attack from criminals all over the world. Most of our security systems are invisible to you, the genuine user. But there is one aspect of the web that criminals exploit: in order that our clients can get in, we have to have a door. This page is one way in which we secure that door. We are sorry that you are inconvenienced by our response to attacks*

This page details the access rights to this website.

1. Access to pages in this website are permitted only on the following terms. Any access that does not comply with these terms is unauthorised and is a criminal offence.

2. All persons are authorised to visit public pages. Only registered users are permitted to visit pages reserved for registered users.

3. Registration as a user is available to bona fide visitors with an interest in attending courses run by The Financial Crime Forum. It follows that any registration for the purpose of gaining access to any part of this site for any promotional purposes, including but not limited to posting of links to third party websites, promotional offers or any other form of promotion, advertising or marketing is unauthorised.

4. We will block, without warning or compensation, any person who registers and fails our security checks. We will not give reasons. We will also block that person's IP address and mail domain. For the avoidance of doubt, we block registrations from known spamming domains and known spamming IP addresses using a mix of proprietary and generally available techniques and lists. Further, because of considerable abuse by criminals using free e-mail services, we block hundreds of free and anonymous services including but not limited to all yahoo, google, aol and hotmail addresses. As new free services come to our attention, they are added to the list of excluded services.

5. We capture and retain IP addresses for security purposes. When an IP address is used by criminals to attack any of our websites, that address is locked out of all of our servers, not only this site. If you find that your IP address has been blocked, then you may submit a reinstatement request at We will verify the information you provide before reinstating a blocked IP address.

6. We use cookies and we track your path through our site. This is a security measure and provides data that we analyse to identify and defeat fraudulent access. However, we do not use "tracking cookies" and do not know where you come from nor where you go after you leave us; our cookies do not permit any website you may visit after us to know that you have visited us.

7. The use of automated bots to create accounts is forbidden.

8. We accept registrations from corporate accounts only. Free accounts such as gmail, yahoo, msn, hotmail, etc. are blocked. As fraudsters migrate from one free service to another, as we identify those, we block those, too. That means that even genuine users who may have registered using an address of a free server may find that it subsequently becomes blocked.

9. Your data will be held in the UK but may be accessed from anywhere in the world. We will not intentionally reveal your data to anyone outside our Group, other than by Court Order. However, in the event of fraudulent access, we reserve the right to publish details including e-mail addresses and IP addresses.

To proceed, and to accept these terms, choose one of the following links:

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* We introduced a registration scheme to this website on 21 June 2011. Within 24 hours we had hundreds of fraudulent registrations, mostly created by automated systems. That creates load on our servers and makes our websites slow for real users like you. So, strangely, this page reduces not adds to your inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding.

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