Our Towns

What can we say about Jakarta? It's crowded, the traffic's terrible, it has a traffic management system that so confuses so many people they don't know if they are allowed to drive on any given day, the city often grinds to a halt because of political marches.. and despite all of this it remains one of the world's great cities. We almost never stop smiling every time we go and we wish it was far more often. Also it's just the other side of the equator for most of our delegates so for fun you can watch the water go down the plug-hole creating a "back to front" vortex. Why wouldn't you want to come to Jakarta with us?

Accra is a wonderful city. It is safe (so long as you don't do anything obviously stupid and carry an expensive bag down a dark alley in the wrong part of town). It has wide open boulevards, many places that have excellent live music, fantastic seafood and other goodies at ridiculously low prices, cheap beer (but expensive soft drinks) and a people who's primary threat to you is that your face will hurt from smiling back.

Neilson's Global Brands Survey published in May 2008 said that Hong Kong and Dubai have something special in common: shopping, especially shopping for luxury goods - and that both have many visitors coming into the country for that reason.

We see another side to Dubai - and again, it's similar to Hong Kong. It's a place where people put their money and occasionally come to visit it.

Sydney is perhaps famous for the wrong things: most people know it for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Sydney Opera House.

And whilst they are interesting, they are not the things we find the most attractive about Australia's de facto capital.

An island nation less than 70 miles above the equator, Singapore is predominantly Chinese with a mix of Malay and Indian plus a substantial European / Australian / American expat population.

Singapore: the Lion City.

When we had an active office in ASEAN, Kuala Lumpur was where, after lots of research, we put it. We called it home and we loved it. When we closed the office, our boss refused to leave and still lives in the heart of the financial district. It really is that good!

Krabi is exactly what you hope it's going to be: warm tropical sun, fabulous clean beaches, dream-like scenery and it is almost entirely unlike everything you've heard about Phuket which is a little further south. We chose it for that reason above all others. If you choose to combine our event with a family holiday, Krabi is ideal.

What can we say about Lagos that has not already been said?

The infrastructure has crumbled so badly that even four wheel drive vehicles struggle on city centre roads, the phones don't work for large parts of the day and the electricity has a tendency to go off just when it's most wanted. Several times each day. It has a ridiculously high crime rate, including armed crime and there are large parts of the city that become no-go areas as soon as the sun starts to set.

That's the public perception and it's not too far from the mark. BUT.....

Ah, London, where our journey into a life of (being on the right side of) financial crime began in an office in the City overlooking St Paul's Cathedral. We've come a long way, baby and while we've been doing that, London has been changing dramatically, too.

Hong Kong is the world's most exciting city. It is truly the gateway between East and West through which more cargo and commerce flow than anywhere else relative to population size. It's the financial hub of Asia, dwarfing almost every other financial centre in the region, and many worldwide. And it is perhaps the most accessible place on earth with flights to and from almost everywhere.