Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact The Financial Crime Forum?

The Financial Crime Forum is part of The Anti Money Laundering Network, a distributed organisation.

We do not list a telephone number because we operate around the clock, around the world.

Simply complete the Contact Us form and set out your enquiry and we will get back to you.

But note: if you use a free or anonymous e-mail service as your reply address, your enquiry will be blocked and we will not reply. We only see and reply to corporate e-mail addresses.

Can I have a list of companies who have attended your events?

Sure. As a group, we do not disclose the identity of consulting clients. But you can find a list of subscribers to our Group's information services, such as World Money Laundering Report and our seminars and other events here

Where will the event be held?

For training courses, the venue and all security arrangements are notified, by email, direct to delegates one week before the event.

For Fora, the venue is notified three weeks before the event and the delegate handbook, including details of security arrangements, is sent by e-mail direct to delegates one week before the event.

When is the last date for booking?

We accept bookings right up until the day of the event.

Payment is by credit card. Admission will not be granted without proof of payment.

If you make a booking you are liable for payment, even if you do not attend. Please see the Booking Terms.

Where will I find the booking terms and conditions?

There is a link to "booking terms and conditions" on each booking form

Or you could click here

How do I get a visa to attend an event?

Visa Application Support Letter (VASL)

The Financial Crime Forum will issue a letter in support of your attendance at a training course to be held by the company in the UK or certain other countries.

We are not always able to issue such letters.

You should complete the attached form and submit it through this website.

If we are able to issue a Visa Application Support Letter for the event, this will be shown on the information page for that event.

NB: we can issue a VASL only after confirmation of booking and payment has been received by us..

Note that the UK Authorities say that the time to process a visa, where required, will be approximately six weeks. We therefore recommend that you make your visa application at least eight weeks before the event.

We take up to seven days to process a VASL request, and so your booking must be confirmed and your payment received by us at least nine weeks before the event. This means that for UK events, you should submit your VASL request using the attached form not less than two months before the event so that we may advise you whether we can issue VASL in your case.

The UK requires applicants for visas to present themselves at the mission (Embassy, Consulate, etc.) in their country of residence (or, in limited circumstances a third country) where biometric data will be collected and used for identification at the port of entry to the UK.

Note: we do not enter into correspondence or discussion about Visas and applications for a VASL are accepted only on the attached form. e-mail, fax and telephone requests will not be acknowledged and will be disregarded.

Delegates who have registered and paid for attendance at a seminar of Forum may apply for a VASL. If we are able to provide a VASL, the acknowledgement of your booking will provide a link to the dedicated. We charge GBP plus VAT (where applicable) for each VASL. Note that a VASL does not guarantee that a visa will be granted. If your visa application is rejected, then upon submission of satisfactory evidence of rejection, we will recredit (less an administration fee of GBP30 plus VAT which includes our credit card, etc. charges) to your payment card the amount paid in respect of that delegate.

Do we have to pay Value Added Tax?

Value Added Tax is a creature of the European Union, invented by the French and it's a major pain in the derrière.

- Events held in the UK

If your business is registered in the UK you pay VAT and recover it.
If your business is registered elsewhere in Europe, and you provide evidence of that registration, you do not pay VAT.
If your business is registered outside the UK, you pay VAT.

- Events held elsewhere in Europe

We've given up. The VAT situation is so complicated and expensive to administer that we no longer host events in the EU, except in the UK and Ireland.

If you wish to host one of our events elsewhere in Europe, we are happy to discuss terms.

- Events outside the EU

If your business is registered in the UK you pay VAT and recover it.
If your business is registered elsewhere in Europe, and you provide evidence of that registration, you do not pay VAT.
If your business is registered outside the UK, you do not pay VAT.

What do I do about withholding tax?

Withholding tax is applied by some countries were we hold an event there.

Where the event is held in a country where there is a double-tax treaty with the UK, local delegates pay the full amount invoiced. We will provide, with your invoice, a copy of a statement from HM Revenue and Customs that The Financial Crime Forum is a registered UK company entitled to collect full payment under the treaty.

Delegates from outside the country where the event is held, pay the full amount invoiced.

How do I cancel a booking?

First, check the terms and conditions for the cancellation conditions and charges.

Then, if you still wish to cancel, complete the Booking Cancellation Form

Can my company, government department, regulator or industry association book seminars for in-house or public attendance?


But we don't handle that!

In house bookings, or those by government departments such as central banks or enforcement investigators and prosecutors, or industry associations can book any even listed on these pages as presented by Nigel Morris-Cotterill or appearing on his own website at

Requests for more information are at

Do you train judges?

Yes, and no.

We don't hold seminars for judges.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill, however, will present appropriate seminars (for example "Understanding Suspicion") if requested.


Do you provide seminars for regulators, investigators and prosecutors?

Regulators, investigators and prosecutors are welcome to attend any of our public events.

We do not organise events specifically for these groups.

However, our events may be organised by relevant authorities for their staff and for public sector colleagues.

These are negotiated directly by Nigel Morris-Cotterill : see