Warning: Be sure it's a real FCF event!

We often find that companies are using our name, or something very similar, to build their business.

We are The Financial Crime Forum.

We have been The Financial Crime Forum since 1998 when events using that title were organised by what is now our sister company, Vortex Centrum Limited, publishers.

Anyone else using that title for an event is an imposter.

Beware of anyone claiming to be calling you to sell you sponsorship, to ask you to speak or to sell you delegate tickets claiming to be from The Financial Crime Forum but who speaks about any event not appearing on these pages.

We do not engage in any telesales activity unless it is specifically mentioned on the event page in which case we will, on that page, inform you who is authorised to make calls on our behalf.

Our e-mails may come from financialcrimeforum.com or from a mailing list operated on our behalf by our sister publishing company in which case the mail will come from either World Money Laundering Report or PleaseBeInformed.Com.

Any approach to you for any purpose purporting to represent The Financial Crime Forum or promoting an event using the name Financial Crime Forum is unauthorised and acting in breach of our rights in events of that name.