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Krabi is exactly what you hope it's going to be: warm tropical sun, fabulous clean beaches, dream-like scenery and it is almost entirely unlike everything you've heard about Phuket which is a little further south. We chose it for that reason above all others. If you choose to combine our event with a family holiday, Krabi is ideal.

About Krabi


For those familiar with the climate on Phuket, Krabi presents no surprises with seasonal temperatures of around 28ºC in November, dropping to a comfortable 17ºC overnight. This course is held at the beginning of the rainy season but, in Thailand, this does not mean the same kind of monsoons that devastate other parts of the world. Expect a period of heavy rain lasting approximately one hour shortly after sunset. For the rest of the day, expect cooling breezes, lower levels of humidity than in the "hot" season and pleasant sunshine. Occasionally, there may be overcast days.


Krabi is famous for diving and snorkelling and for boat trips to the spectacular islands. Private long-tail boats will take parties to islands for picnics and swimming.


Golf is available nearby. Each delegate's booking includes one round of golf in the hotel's own 9 hole course. Additional golf may be arranged with nearby clubs, via the hotel or via a specialist organiser.


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Nearby (data provided by several tourist web sites)

Phi Phi Islands: Phi Phi Islands are located just 40 kilometres away from both Krabi and Phuket. They, in fact, administratively are a part of Krabi province. Regarded by travellers from all walks of life as being among the most beautiful tropical islands of the world, Phi Phi Islands have become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand. In addition, the islands are famous as the location where the movie "The Beach" featuring Leonardo Di Caprio was shot. The islands, together with the nearby Noppharat Thara Beach, a total area of 390 square kilometres, were recently established as a national park. The examples of famous attractions are: Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Le, Maya Bay, Viking Cave, etc.

Ao Nang: Ao Nang, situated about 20 kilometres from Krabi town, is a large bay with scenic beaches and 83 small islands. Its white sandy beach stretches to the foot of a conspicuously prominent limestone range. Other facilities include diving shops, boats for rent, and sightseeing by canoe. From Ao Nang, tourists may hire boats to visit nearby attractions (offshore isles) such as Koh Poda, Koh Kai, Koh Mo, and Koh Thap. For Hat Tham Phra Nang and Hat Nam Mao, all of which are only accessible by foot.

Hat Rai Le: Hat Rai Le (Rai Le Beach) is generally divided into two sections: east and west. West Rai Le provides visitors with peace and quiet as it is a broad sandy beach with fewer facilities than Ao Nang. East Rai Le which lies across the peninsula from West Rai Le is different from other beaches in the area as it could actually be classified as a mud flat, especially during low tide. In addition, to remarkable views and mangrove forests to the north of the beach, the main attraction for visitors to Hat Rai Le is the adrenaline pumping activity of cliff climbing. The limestone cliffs provide world-class rock climbing facilities against a stunning backdrop of the sea with approximately 700 sport routes of mid to high difficulty ratings.

Hat Tham Phra Nang: Hat Tham Phra Nang is accessible only by boat. This stunning pristine beach has fine-grained white sand and crystalline waters as well as magnificent jagged karsts. Although thousands of visitors flock to this beach a year, it is still able to maintain its flawless appearance and relaxing ambience and considered to be the most attractive in the area. The inner and outer Phra Nang caves offer remarkable views against a stunning backdrop and a range of accommodations to suit every budget. Although these attractions are accessible only by boat, they still draw numerous visitors for recreational and adventurous activities such as diving, snorkeling, hiking, and rock climbing.

Khao Khanap Nam: Khao Khanap Nam, regarded as the symbol of Krabi, are two mountains that are roughly 100 meters tall, separated by Krabi River and located at the entrance to Krabi city. Khao Khanap Nam has beautiful caves with amazing stalactites and stalagmites worth exploring. In addition to natural attractions, a large number of human skeletons have been found here. It is theorised that they are the remains of people who came and established a home at Kanab Nam, but were cut off by an inundation and quickly perished. The mountains can be reached by taking a 15-minute long tail boat ride from Chao Fa Pier.

Susan Hoi: Susan Hoi, or Fossils Shell Beach, features a slab formed from a huge number of embedded various types of molluscs, which can be dated to approximately 40 million years ago. This shell graveyard at Ban Laem Pho was once a large freshwater swamp, the habitat of diverse molluscs. With changes on the surface of the earth, seawater flooded the freshwater swamp and the limestone elements in the seawater enveloped the submerged molluscs resulting in a homogeneous layer of fossilized mollusc shells forty centimetres thick, known as Shelley Limestone. With geographical upheavals, the limestone layer is now distributed in great broken sheets of impressive magnitude on the seashore.

Lanta Islands National Park: Covering an area of 152 square kilometres, the park is comprised of many different-sized islands, some of them are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs such as Koh Ha, Koh Rok, and Koh Hai. The park's main islands are Koh Lanta Yai, where both the Headquarters and National Park Office are located, and Koh Lanta Noi. The island itself is generally rugged and mountainous with gravelly and sandy beaches to the south. The most suitable time to visit Koh Lanta is from November to April.

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park: Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, located 20 kilometres from Krabi town, has pristine, lush forest on its highest peaks. The park covers a total area of 50 square kilometres. This national park is one of the most unspoiled forests in the region and boasts several beautiful waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife, including clouded leopards, black panthers, Asiatic black bears, and leaf monkeys, to name a few. In addition, the park is home to several species of tropical birds, including the Gurney's pitta and Nordmann's greenshank (two of the world's rarest birds). Khao Phanom Bencha's numerous low-impact hiking trails provide excellent viewing points.

Hong Islands: Hong Island consists of a group of limestone islands, including Koh Lao (Koh Sa Ka), Koh Lao Riam, Koh Pakka, Koh Lao La Ding, and Koh Hong (Koh Lao Li Pe). The attractions on these islands include fine beaches, shallow and deep-water coral reefs, and various kinds of fish while popular activities include snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, sea-canoeing, and nature studies on the 400-metre hiking trail around Koh Hong. Hong Islands is located at the edge of the Than Bok Khorani National Park and accessible by a 1-hour boat trip from Ao Nang.

Phi Hua To Cave: Located just 500 metres from Tham Lot, the cave can only be visited by boat from Bo Tho Pier. The cave is in Phi Hua To Mountain, which is surrounded by mangrove swamps. There are 2 different paths inside the cave. On the left lies the short-cut to the back of the cave, where the sunlight can shine through. On the right is a path to a natural hall believed to have been a shelter for prehistoric people. Prehistoric paintings of men, animals, human organs, and numerous seashells can be seen in the cave. The discovery of big human skulls in the cave resulted the cave's present name.
Phanga Nan Bay. We can't promise you that you'll meet James Bond or any of his beautiful companions when you visit the islands here: but this is where part of The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed. The actual island is Ko Tapu. There's a sea-gypsy village (with floating restaurants), kayaking and other stuff to do. And if you want a Bond girl to rise from the waves in a bikini, or a fit Bond look-a-like, just bring your own!

National parks attract a small fee on arrival - usually about 100 bhat.

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