Booking Terms and Conditions

The Financial Crime Forum – Booking Terms and Conditions

1. The Financial Crime Forum Limited is UK registered Corporation. It trades as

a) The Financial Crime Forum
b) Anti Money Laundering Training.Com

2. In these conditions the term FCF refers to The Financial Crime Forum Limited and such of its trading names as are applicable.

3. The event programme is subject to change. FCF endeavours to deliver seminars, Fora and other events as advertised. However, due to the nature of our events, it may be necessary to substitute speakers or topics at short notice.

4. For Fora only: early bird prices are available until the date specified in the Forum brochure / website. If payment is not received prior to close of banking business in the UK on the relevant day (or the preceding working day should the early bird day be a public holiday or a weekend day in the UK) the full price is due. If your payment is recalled or if it is rejected by FCF's bankers, then it will be regarded as not received.

5. Payment is to be made, in full, at the time of booking through on-line booking/payment system. NOTE: VISA / MASTERCARD payments are accepted via SHOPIFY, our nominated payment services provider. Your order will be placed via our sister company, Vortex Centrum Limited which does not receive nor have any access to your payment details. All payment security is handled by SHOPIFY. Your invoice will show Vortex Centrum Limited but your agreement, in accordance with this contract, is with FCF.

6. Your place at the Forum, seminar or other event will be booked upon issue of invoice and payment will be due and owing when the booking form is completed. There is no mechanism for bookings to be made and paid for by means other than on-line card payments.

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8. Your confirmation will be sent by email. FCF cannot be responsible in the event that your system rejects email from FCF or any other domain within The Anti Money Laundering Network's group of domain names.

9. Unless otherwise stated, the event ticket price does not include accommodation or any travel or meals other than those described in the event announcement..

10. FCF staff do not book hotels, arrange flights or ground transport or travel insurance. However, you may book these from the links on our websites. We receive an introductory commission if you use these services but we do not operate the services and your contracts are entered into with the companies concerned.

11. If we cancel an event, you will be entitled to a refund of the full ticket price. That is the full extent of our liability.

13. If you cancel your booking more than 21 days before the event, you are entitled to a full refund of the ticket price less a 15% administration charge.

14. If you cancel your booking 21 days or less before the event, you will be entitled to a 50% refund (less a 15% administration charge) and a voucher for the balance of the price for use against a future FCF event within 12 months.

15. If you cancel 7 days or less before the event, you will not be entitled to a refund but you will receive a voucher for 80% of the ticket price for use against a future FCF event within 12 months.

16. Cancellation must be made on the cancellation form here by the person who made the booking. Times in paragraphs 13 – 15 are GMT. No other method of cancellation is accepted.

17. All refunds will be made by credit to the card used for payment after the event and within two months of the conclusion of the event.

18. There is no charge for substituting a delegate at any time. However, in the case of substitutions made 7 days or less before the event there will be an administration charge of GBP30 (plus UK VAT where applicable) for the issue and mailing by registered post of a replacement attendance certificate. This charge should be paid in cash at the event. This charge will not be applied if no certificate is required. This charge should be paid in cash at the event.

19. All delegates are required to abide by principles of good conduct. Whilst the dress-code is free, decency and local sensibilities should be recognised. Obscene or abusive language or behaviour and language tending to racial or religious discrimination or abuse will not be tolerated and any delegate using such will be required to leave without compensation.

20. The Forum is strict about commercial presentations and commercial activity in the Forum and its social events.

The Forum has a policy of non-commercialisation of its events except in the following strictly limited circumstances:

Sponsors: sponsors are named in Delegate material and in the Forum as described in the grade of sponsorship agreed.

Speakers: some speaker slots may be sponsored by vendors of goods or services. In this case, the fact of sponsorship will be made plain to Delegates. The speaker may, in this case, provide details of his company's products or services. However, his presentation must be of an expert level on the approved subject and must not be a sales presentation or pitch. Vendor presentations are subject to prior approval by the Secretariat.

Speakers who are not sponsors may not provide details of his company's products or services and papers must not be a sales presentation or pitch.

Exhibitors: exhibitors are free to mingle with delegates in the exhibition area and during coffee / tea breaks. Exhibitors are not permitted to take part in Forum sessions nor to approach Delegates with a view to marketing during lunch or other social events.

Delegates: The Forum discourages the floor of the Forum and its social events for commercial interaction and reserves the right to exclude immediately and without compensation those whose presence appears to the Forum secretariat, in its sole discretion, to be intended for the solicitation of business.

Save as specified above, the making of commercial presentations or solicitation of business by speakers or delegates is strictly prohibited. The exchange of business cards is, of course, encouraged.

21. FCF is registered under the UK's Data Protection Act. Data is retained in the UK, the USA, Hong Kong and Malaysia and such other places as FCF from time to time deems necessary for the conduct of its business. FCF shares information with other companies within The Anti Money Laundering Network group of companies using a common database. FCF (and other Group companies) do not release any information about you or your company to any third party. The only qualification to this is where such information may be required under proper authority by a government agency or department or under Court Order.

22. Your name, company and designation may be included in a list circulated to delegates at the event. However, contact details such as telephone number, email address and your precise business address will not appear in that list.

23. FCF and group companies may use your contact information to keep you informed of future events and other matters of relevance to you.

24. If FCF makes available any internet connection you undertake

- not to use the connection for the purposes of viewing or downloading any streamed or graphics intensive material

- not to use the connection for the purposes of viewing or downloading any material of a sexual or otherwise offensive nature.

- having regard to local sensibilities, not to use the connection for the purposes of viewing or downloading material that may be regarded as immoral or illegal under any local law including religious laws

- to download or upload any material in breach of the intellectual property rights of any third party

- to effect or attempt to effect any unauthorised access to any other computer or other device including but not limited to hacking, cracking or phreaking for any purpose including but not limited to changing, placing or removing any code on the remote device, accessing information or data of any kind

- to launch any email campaign or DOS attack

- to use any scanning or exploit tools whilst connected to the network.

25. FCF accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property, including but not limited to loss or damage occurring inside the event venue.

. FCF is not in control of the venue premises. Therefore FCF accepts no responsibility for personal injury, including but not limited to personal injury occurring inside the event venue.

26. Value Added Tax UK VAT is charged where applicable.

27. Withholding tax - in countries where withholding tax is applicable and a double taxation treaty is in force, a copy of a HM Revenue and Customs certificate of residence will be provided. You pay to us the full amount invoiced.

29. All rights are reserved in all presentations. No presentation may be in whole or in part reproduced nor used as the basis for any other presentation. So called "fair use" is expressly denied. No photographs, video or sound recording of any FCF event is permitted.

30. All rights are reserved in all materials including but not limited to the materials on any CD (in which third party intellectual property may be vested) and in printed materials. No replication in any form whatsoever, including storage in any form of retrieval system is permitted.

32. Special conditions applicable to residential courses.
a) we will provide options for hotels and for room types as provided by the hotels. You may find that better rates are available if you book via internet or if you have a corporate rate with appropriate hotels.

b) your room will be confirmed only upon payment of the full Forum fee inclusive of hotel room. You should therefore make payment immediately your room type is specified and the charge invoiced to you. We are not responsible in the event that your choice of room is no longer available when payment is received. You should have particular regard to time differences.

c) your room will be booked on a bed and breakfast basis only.

d) you will be responsible for any and all additional charges to your room including but not limited to room service, minibar, car services, meals and other hotel services. You will be required to present your credit card to the hotel on arrival to meet any additional charges which may be charged to your room during your stay

33. Entire agreement: these are the only terms upon which FCF contracts. No variation, including any variation in writing, is valid.

34. Jurisdiction: this contract is subject to English law and the parties agree that the court of competent jurisdiction are the Courts of England and Wales and, for geographical purposes, the Tunbridge Wells County Court.

- end -